Hate Contrasts

Terrorism, crusades, war

"my ex" that I loved so much, and now grey rock and hate. How is this making the world any better? Brushing toxic under the rug. The landfill of humanity, out of sight, out of mind - even more, hating on "my ex" - shooting your own self and life in the foot. And it's cheered on as a kind of universla experience. People speak more hate about their ex then they do about war or terrorism.

Banality of evil

Quotes from Malala about radio in Swat Valley, Pakistan

Attitude that "Malala isn't good enough", and Bible verse 1 John 4:20 

If I hate that nation, my romance is brighter. Contrast. The great hero who goes off to war across all the Earth, it isn't just USA where I compose my perspective from.